♡ When it feels like all the walls Are caving in, it's ok. We can let 'em fall. Climb on top and we'll get higher ♡
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Some makeup!  - Quality ig ; supninz
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Sagwa was sleeping under the window and I went to wake her up because of a photo…Well, she hates me my camera

Hola Sagwa ur on my dash!
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I keep insisting that I’m too weird, too ugly for my crush

I’m hurting my selfie with my own words, I look to him and I think “Well, he is cool and cute WHY HE WILL LOOK TO ME? THE WEIRDEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD?

This is a horrible feeling that I create with my mind, I’m tired of this

Sorry about this but maybe someone understand

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idek why i put my m&ms in a starbucks cup? i guess i hate having to put my hand in the bag everytime so this was my salution idkidk
ig: pornflak3s | dxstiel

*solution (sorry I think I have OCD)
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I’ve always wanted one of those giant kinder surprises!! | Instagram is xo_elyse (If you repost on IG please credit me)  
I’d appreciate it if you didn’t delete this caption please.
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starfish c:

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I love Gummy Bears 
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